Camping in the spring time can be very beautiful, the flowers are blooming, the trees are changing colors, the snow has melted, and everything is green. The lakes are very full you can find lots of streams running, and there is no better pleasure than to camp right on the lakeside.

But be aware, with all of the snow melting, it leaves a lot of mud. Be sure before putting your tent up, to put a tarp underneath, to keep the moisture away. Camping on cold, wet mud is not fun! Try to pick a camp site that is somewhat elevated. I have used sleeping bags on the ground (mostly in the summertime when the ground is dry) but you may want to look into a camping cot to keep you up off the ground.

Springtime can also mean rain showers, be sure to pack your rain ponchos and waterproof pouches as part of your outdoor clothing. You never know when Mother Nature will pay you a visit. It’s always best to be prepared. We went on one trip not even thinking of the rain and what a mess we were….

One of my favorite things to do while camping on a lake is to take a nice little hike around the lake and have a scavenger hunt! My family would make it a game by seeing who could find the most interesting items. We would find hats, sunglasses, lots of fishing gear (lures, bait, tools, nets), toys, buckets. We would then bring all the items back to camp and compare but no matter what, the competition always made it fun.

One of the best parts about camping on a lake of course is the beautiful scenery. I love to wake up in the morning and see the sun rising over the lake. The smell of bacon cooking on the camping grill and coffee are what gets me moving. Of course there is also nothing better than watching the sun set and a nice night fire to warm you up.

 Make sure to have your hiking and your fishing gear as there are sure to be hiking trails and great spots to find that perfect fishing hole. We love to catch some Trout and German browns. They are the perfect meal for your lake side camping adventure.

Stay safe and warm out there and be prepared!


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