NEW 9 Pack - Wise Favorites  72 Hour Kit

NEW 9 Pack - Wise Favorites 72 Hour Kit

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Includes six entrées and three breakfast meals, each individually packaged for a total of 18 servings (2 servings per pouch). Entrées include meat. Packages included have a shelf life of 7 years compared to those in our buckets with a shelf life of 25 years. Great for hunting, camping and hiking! Simple to prepare, just add boiling water directly into pouch. 7 yr shelf life ”· Made in USA ”· Includes: - Chili Mac with Beef - Cheesy Lasagna - Teriyaki Chicken - Pasta Alfredo with Chicken - Strawberry Granola Crunch - Apple Cinnamon Cereal - Creamy Pasta with Chicken - Noodle in Mushroom Sauce
Dimesion: 9 x 10 x 5.5

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